I am so happy I have been staying on track with my Fitness Plan.  This is the 1st Summer in MANY Years that I actually feel god about summer and can’t wait for pools, water parks, outdoor activities and just being outside in the Texas heat.

70 pounds ago Summer was pretty awful. I would not even want to sit outside because I would be so uncomfortable and just sweat so much. My clothes were always sticking to me and i’ve got to tell you, it was pretty annoying that my shirts would be stuck in all the creases and rolls. (I know some of you know that feeling.) always pulling at your shirt and just wishing it was better instantly.

It took a lot of physical and mental work for me to get where I am right now.  I am not done, have not hit my ultimate goal but I am proud of my accomplishments and like being a Fit person much more than a Fat person.

I can’t believe that now people refer to me as the fitness guy and ask me questions or see me as someone that can help them since they have seem my struggles and then accomplishments over time.  I hope everyone realizes that it is work. There are struggles and you will have setbacks. Fitness is a one meal, one day and one week at a time thing.  Its not about a 90 or 60 day plan.  It’s about putting in the work and being consistent. You can’t give up and it will take time.

I am very guilty of beating myself up for “setbacks” thinking I did damage and I am a bad person for making bad choices. I am in a much better mindset (a year and a half later) and know it’s about my life.  Sometimes i will make an emotional food choice. I let it go and get right back on track my next meal. I do not punish myself or blow an entire day or week because I had a bowl of ice cream. That was one of my biggest struggles. I used to say oh well, I had the (Insert Bad food here) so I may as well just not workout or I would eat bad for the entire day. I just do not allow myself to do that anymore. It’s my choice to live a healthy and happy life. Life has ups and downs and that is OK.

So this summer will be about enjoying my life, my family and having as much fun as I can.  I want great memories that are not clouded by poor self confidence.  I do not want to miss anything because I am self conscious about how I look or am too tired.

I am so happy to be excited about summer and be seen as a Fit Person! When other people ask me for help I get so excited and so wrapped up in their journey. It makes me want more for myself too.

Thanks Beachbody for the Programs, Nutrition plans, and Tools that helped my reach this point.  It is only going to get netter from here!

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