I am rounding out week 8 of my INSANITY P90X Hybrid program.  These Programs are each so different but together they are Just AWESOME! I love the “fear” I have just before starting a Max Cardio Session with INSANITY and then Look forward to that soreness after a full on P90X strength training session.

I can see the definition in my chest, shoulders, arms and even my legs now.  (Legs are a real challenge as I hold a lot of weight and bulk there) I am even starting to see the outlines of some abs!

These are my weapons of choice for my fight to get to 10% body fat. I have been well over 20% no matter how much weight I have lost.  I am at almost 70 pounds lost and am still between 20 and 22% BF. It’s pretty frustrating but I know it just takes time and effort.

I am doing another round of the ultimate reset to teach myself how to eat properly for the performance I want from my body. The reset is such a great experience and something I think everyone who is serious about wanting to reach their best health and fitness level should do. I am learning my habit foods and eating triggers all over again. 21 days to fend them off and then new habits of fresh whole foods are born!

I purchased a FitBit Flex and a FitBit Scale to keep me motivated and have my tracking with me all the time.  I like having the challenge to get more activity in and also to see where I am with Nutrition.  I am learning more and more that I really need to take my own advice and EAT MORE!  I will find the balance and trust my body to be in shape enough to use the calories I give it.

As I start June and week 9 of my program I am excited about what the next few weeks will bring for me and the clients I coach!

For my clients June will be all about LES Mills!  COMBAT to be specific but I will focus on both PUMP and COMBAT for June. If you are interested in these programs feel free to join in as I walk people through the programs to have a Fit Summer!

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