A New App for Fitness Support!

The best news is it is FREE and personal to you.  I am now able to participate in fitness challenges and accountability groups on my Phone! (or any mobile device)  I have been waiting so long for this.  I like the groups I am in on social media but sometimes they get to be too much. I get distracted if I need to log into my social media account.  I like a more personal connection.

I have been using the new BODGroups Section of the On-Demand App now and  I am really liking it!  I can connect with you and also track my own progress.  My workouts are right there too and all the resources I need for nutrition are there too.  I can even order my favorite pre-workout drink from the same app.  All in one spot!

Check it out:

 How I run groups:

    • I am here for YOU.  My goal is to help you succeed with your program.  I will answer your questions, cheer you on, give suggestions, and even help you pick your next program.  The most important thing about the group is we stay connected!
    • I have several groups going at the same time.  If you want to experience the program with others doing the same program, I’ve got a few that are run that way.  If you want to have some flexibility in the program and want to mix things up, or have completed a program and are ready for the next challenge, I’ve got an ongoing group for that too.
    • The idea is to start with your program, then you graduate to the larger ongoing group to keep things going!


What I love about Groups!

  • Track progress for workouts, nutrition, and measurements all in one spot!
  • Post updates and photos as much as you want to!
  • Can make small and large groups.  long or short groups!
  • Can mix up the challenge to be a specific time and program or long term or multiple programs
  • Lines up with all the programs and nutrition plans I support as a coach!


Is it right for you?

If you are looking for some personal support and accountability for your fitness, YES!  I love that I can stay connected with my clients and not have to rely on email or social media. Sometimes things get lost in those huge worlds. Our phones are always with us and this keeps it simple.  Just pull up the app and you are in!  You can even be part of multiple groups and challenges!

If you would like to have me support your fitness goals,  just click one of the 5  group option tiles shown here and I can get you started! If you are not sure,  just fill out the form below!






Request App Access

Please complete this form so I can send you the unlock code to the App. You will have Personal access to me as your coach as we work together to reach your fitness goals!
  • Enter Email you use for your Team Beachbody account (or the one you will want to use to register if no account yet)
  • Select the fitness level that best describes where you are right now.
  • Tell me a little about what you want to achieve. What are your goals and when would you like ot achieve them.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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