Boxing and MMA style training has always been a favorite for me.  It was a no brainer that I would want to try this new home shadow boxing workout!

Boxing is one of the best TOTAL-body workouts you can do. Finding a boxing gym was not that easy and I was a bit intimidated since I had never actually trained that way before.  Sure I have done MMA Style training but straight up boxing, NOPE!  So from the get-go, I was all in when the new at-home workout was being developed and to top it all off it was from one of my all-time favorite trainers!

10 Rounds is now available as one of the streaming workouts on Beachbody On Demand. I have been doing it for the past 3 weeks (Started March 17, 2020) in an early access test group and I wanted to share my experience with you so far. I know you will want to do this one with me!

To start, there are some “learning” videos that teach you the punches and footwork.  That made it easier than just jumping in to get a workout.  I did one of the learning videos and began to break a sweat just from that.  Then I did the Sample workout and was sweating like crazy (and it was just the preview workout!)  I knew this was going to be a great program from day 1.

I really liked that I got to learn and the workouts are in phases so I could master the moves and then add to it. I really liked that I was not gasping for breath or jumping around like crazy but still sweat like crazy and felt these workouts as if I was!

The trainer teaches the fundamentals of boxing and how to build killer combinations — jab, cross, roll, uppercut, hook, one after another. The key is giving every punch everything you’ve got. “Yeah, it sounds technical — but once you learn proper form, it’ll feel like second-nature,” says Joel.

Watch professional boxers train and you’ll see a common theme: seriously shredded, knockout physiques.

In 10 Rounds, Joel shows you how every single punch actually begins at your feet, burns up through your hips, intensifies as you torque your core, and explodes all the way through your fists.

With each punch, you’re engaging your entire body, and gaining a deep muscle burn that will help scorch fat and calories and get your body in serious boxing shape.

It’s intense, but it’s also a lot of fun.

What IS 10 Rounds?

“Besides an amazing workout?” The workout will teach you how to work your whole body with every punch, just like the pros in the gym. If you want the shredded, ‘cut’ look, you’re going to sweat for it.”

This 5-days-a-week, 6-week program is built around the simple, precise, and effective principles of boxing — without the impact.

Joel leads you through 3 days of boxing training and 2 days of strength-building workouts with weights that will help you get a true, full-body transformation.

You won’t be hitting a heavy bag or sparring partner. Instead, you’ll be doing it the way boxers spend the bulk of their training time — shadowboxing.

“We’re going to build killer combinations of punches and footwork, with a heavy emphasis on repetition, to create deep grooves of muscle memory,” Joel explains.”I want you to get out of your head, stop overthinking the moves, and let your body do what I’ve taught it to do. All you have to do is give me intensity with every punch.”

The boxing workouts are broken up into 10 rounds, 3 minutes each. You’ll focus on punching combinations and footwork that will progress over the 6 weeks.

The 3 boxing days are combined with conditioning drills that help build:

  1. Power by using bodyweight to increase lean muscle mass
  2. Speed/agility with fast footwork that will push you into high-intensity spikes of fat burning
  3. Endurance to boost performance so you can burn more calories faster. There will also be some “all-out, burnout drills” where you’ll punch as fast as you can, so you’re completely spent at the end of the round.
  4. Each 10 Rounds workout also has isolated CORE WORK as the 10th round!

When I am doing these workouts, I also use Resistance Loops on my legs to get my stance as strong as possible, and give a little extra burn!

To keep you motivated and MOVING, every workout features music that will drive your rhythm and give you the energy to pack the most into every punch. You learn quickly that when the music intensifies, so do the moves!

The two days of weightlifting workouts include one day of Upper Body to build strength and power and one day of Lower Body/Legs.

After the 1st sample workout, I felt it in my core, shoulders, and back.  The next day I really felt it in my legs too!

Are You Ready?

This is an intermediate workout that will have you sweating like you never thought you would from just simple punches and some footwork!

It’s easy to learn, but you’ve got to give it your all.

I am already (after just 3 weeks) seeing and feeling the results.  My energy is higher, my core feels tighter, and I am getting better at mastering the combos! (the footwork is still a challenge for me but I am getting there)

Joel Freeman on-set of 10 Rounds

The Fun Takes Over and the Workout Disappears

Each workout features fun, energetic music that will get your body moving and fists flying. The goal is to get you motivated to match the pace of the beats to boost your cardio and burn even more calories. Joel and the cast are great and we get to visit 6 different cities during the program!  Each day is something new and each week is a different city! I feel strong and empowered after every workout.

What Nutrition Do I Need?

As with any training program, you will need to make sure you make nutrition your priority.  The Nutrition plan is what gets you the results you want for weight loss and/or muscle gain.  The workouts just shape what you have!

If you are curious about what I am doing for this program,  I use the Performance Line Energize every workout.  I also drink my dense nutrition shake Shakeology, every day.  I have my Shake as my 1st meal of the day. My favorite flavors right now are Plant-Based Cafe Latte and Whey Protein Chocolate.  I also practice intermittent fasting but that will be something we talk about at another time.  I think it is best to follow a specific meal plan that fits your needs, goals and diet history.  I use and recommend a portion-controlled nutrition plan that is based on Balanced Macro Nutrients to help you meet your goals.

The program comes with the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition, with guidance on how to create healthy, sustainable eating habits for lasting wellness, fitness, and weight loss.

Keeping your nutrition dialed in throughout all six weeks is key to getting incredible results from 10 Rounds.

How are the results from 10 Rounds?

Here’s the thing, results will depend on what you personally put into your nutrition and workout program.  What I can promise you is that I will help you get the most from your program and all the online tools you will have access to.  I know you have seen me do many programs, that is because I have access to all of them and so will you! Plus you get me as your free coach to help you along the way!  Contact me right away and I will help you get started with me to help you on April 6th 2020!

The official prelaunch test group did outstanding.  Being part of this test group, the participants followed the same portion control plan that I mentioned above for the 6 weeks.  They also did the workout schedule as listed (including the rest days) and used the performance line.  Here are some before and after photos from some of the people that completed the program in the test version (meaning that the workouts were not even 100% complete yet)












I hope these inspire you as much as they have inspired me.  I am Re-starting at day 1 on Monday, April 6th just so I can do this with you from the start if you’d like to join me!  Just reach out and I will get you all the info you need to get access to everything you will need!  I will also get you linked up to my fitness accountability group using an app to keep us connected and to track your progress during your fitness journey!

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