Variety is the spice of life right?

I just had to post about something I am asked a lot from my clients.  The big questions (aside from what should I eat, that is for sure #1)  is, “how to I choose the right workout program or what program would I recommend.”  The truth is, I can’t tell you what program to do.  I can only ask you questions about what you like to do, what your current fitness level is and what is the most time you can schedule for a workout each day.  From there we can narrow it down.  It is really up to you though.  I say this because everyone is a little different.

If we start with what results you want but the other items that matter more like, how much time you have, are not met, you will feel like you are failing.  If we go with what is new or popular, it may not be something you like doing and then you will quit or look for the other new thing.  What really has to happen is you need to connect with the trainer, the program and type of structure the program provides.

For me, I like structure and an alternating schedule or balance of fast paced cardio and solid weight lifting.  I get frustrated with too many complex moves and I like great motivating music.  The trainer has to be a positive motivator and give tips during the segments about form or pushing harder or not stopping.  I like positive motivation like “keep going” or “One more rep”   vs negative like “don’t quit” or “you are exhausted but give me more”  So that is how I choose my trainer and my program.  These are also the types of questions I ask my clients.

When we get the things in place that will help you connect with the workout program, we then move on the the nutrition plan.  Yes, all the programs I recommend come with a nutrition plan specific to the program. I still look at the individual.  For some, like me, you need structure.  Tell me what to eat every day and every meal and I can follow it.  I like to take the guess work out and have everything set and ready for me.  For some they like the freedom to choose.  They are more comfortable with general guidelines or categories and like to put it all together themselves.

Getting the most variety with the best value

When I help my clients with their fitness plan, we look at all the things I mentioned about then go after the program and nutrition plan that fits THEM.  That is the benefit of having me help you.  I own and use ALL the programs I endorse.  it is not like I watch the preview and go with what is HOT.  I take a careful look at all the elements and what it does for me PLUS what it does with my other clients. One thing that has made my job and my clients live SO MUCH BETTER is Beachbody On Demand.  HOLY COW!  now you have variety and a TON of nutrition plan options all ready to stream and download.  Now you can even get it on your iPhone!  (Hope android comes soon since I am a Samsung Galaxy guy)

When I speak to my clients in the phone, email, text or support group, we discuss all the factors and the number one recommendation I can come up with is always a challenge pack.  That gives them all the elements PLUS access to Beachbody on Demand.  When a client has their sights set on one program, it is simple. We pick that pack then grab the best pack for them. It is a Buffet of Fitness!

What if you can’t decide on the program??  What if it is more than just you to consider???

shutterstock_156851996Before I would have to recommend multiple packs or programs.  NOW I am seeing more and more that I can just point you toward the On Demand Challenge Pack!  With the on demand pack you get access to multiple complete programs AND all the Nutrition Guides!  You can change it up every month if you want.  Now the fun part.  We go through the on demand site together and I show you all the hidden treasure!  We talk about the right meal plan then mix and match the right program.  For those that Hate structure and want the feeling of going to a trainer and not knowing what to expect that day, we have the challenge Du Jour.  A different workout from a different program selected each day!  you never know what you will get until you log in!

Check out the video for some cool details on the pack that I find I am recommending more and more these days.

I use the on demand tools every day.  I like being able to log on and grab a recipe or meal plan on the go.  Also I no longer have to take DVDs with me when I do not work out at home.  If you have any questions or want me to help you go through all the options, I am here for you.

Contact me and I will help you get what you need. We will talk about your goals and find the best fit.

If you know the on demand pack it the right choice for you go ahead and click the pic below and then lets schedule some time to go through all the options and find your hidden treasure!


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