I wanted to share (and also log for myself) the steps that gave me my fitness back by helping me lose almost 70 pounds so far. No, it has not been easy and yes I have had set backs along with obstacles. I do now consider myself fit and know there is no going back to unhealthy ways.
  1. I made a commitment to myself, a program and a fitness mentor (coach)
  2. I joined a challenge/support group and participated in it daily with honesty and supported others
  3. I followed the nutrition guide 100%. NO EXCEPTIONS. I measured portions and logged my intake daily. I needed to do this to learn about food! (I did substitute out meals for foods I would eat occasionally but the plan was 100% on target)
  4. I did not miss ANY workouts no matter what. I planned my days and scheduled my workouts for when I could do them, well in advance.
  5. I planned my meals weekly. I wrote them on a calendar so I knew what I was eating and prepared all meals in containers the night before.
  6. I tracked my progress by logging on a poster, filling in the online tools and taking my progress measurements and photos as recommended.
I need to remind myself of these 6 things whenever I fee lost or like I am not doing well.  If I take a back step I know it is likely one of these things that will get me right back on track.
I made a commitment to myself that I would try new things and share my struggles.  at first I thought I would be too embarrassed to admit how far I let myself go. After a while I realized yes it is uncomfortable but it helps others and others are there to help you.  There is no shame in having a struggle. There is no shame in asking for help.  I still struggle with some of these things and know I will for a long time.  I also know I have support and help to beat just about anything.  Fitness is a journey and a Fun one!
It is Simple but it is not Easy.  When you want to accomplish something, tell people. Especially tell someone that can help keep you accountable, someone you respect or that understands where you want to go.
I would be happy to help you stay accountable.

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