Happy 2016!!!

This is not another post about “Starting Over”  In fact, I have determined for me that Starting over is just me being a big baby!  I Own my progress and I own this journey.

SO…If you needed any proof that nobody has any advantage to getting fit and healthy, here goes LOL
YES, I have a lot of tools and resources at my disposal. I have been helping people live a healthier life for over 8 years! I have access to all of the premiere nutrition guides, workout plans, online tools and even personal coaching myself. Does that mean things are easy for me???? NO!!!!
I am on an endless quest to discover WHY the Heck this is so hard for me and Millions of people! the fact is I struggle and have issues with staying on track with my nutrition. Yesterday was a DISASTER. I know exactly what went wrong and then it spiraled form there. I can’t beat myself up over it, I can just move forward.
I almost did not even workout this morning. I woke up later than I should have and was very off due to such a BAD nutrition day yesterday. You know What? I did it anyway. I only had time for 1/2 of the workout but 1/2 was certainly better than NONE.
I should be able to finish it later tonight and for my mental state, I WILL. I know I messed up with nutrition yesterday (despite the day be fore being such a great day) so today I will just dial it in that much better. I used all 3 Shakeology Boosts this morning in my shake and will work at drinking a lot more water and eating more greens today. I need to shift my habits back to what has helped me with my progress so far.
I have THREE weeks left of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. I really want o finish strong and reach my goal of 30 pounds lost and gaining strength. I am down just under 20 pounds so far! My goal is within my grasp, I just need to apply the simple principles that have worked for me over the past 60 days and also what I coach my clients to do.
So, Advantages…. NOPE. We all have to put in the work and we all have to face the struggles head on. We know what sets us off and what holds us back. Success happens when we defeat those things and do not let it beat us. There is a lot of confidence that comes with achieving the goals you set.
When I set out to complete the Hammer and Chisel program, I knew it would not be easy. I also did not set an unrealistic goal of being PERFECT. I knew I would have some set backs but I decided to HANDLE them vs. start the program over every time I hit a road block. I promised myself I would NOT baby myself this time and just start over. You see, when this is a commitment to a healthier life and when you are doing it for the reasons to feel energy, strength and comfortable with your body, there is no need to “Start Over”. There is no timer on this kind of progress for me. I know I will finish this program, move on to a specialty focus for 30 days (the Chisel plan) then for 30 more days focus on building Muscle mass (the Hammer plan) then after that continue with building mass with Body Beast and ChaLEAN Extreme. There will continue to be a next program because it is about living a healthy and fit life over all.
I know what it is like to be fit. I know what it is like to be NOT FIT (FAT). I much prefer fit. That is what I will be. I know I do not feel comfortable 40 pounds overweight because it is not me. I need to be stronger and leaner to have more energy and want to do more things with my kids. For me it also helps with my confidence and when I present and teach to larger groups. I need the energy that I get from regular exercise and a healthy nutrition plan.
So, I own the fact that I messed up the past couple of weeks. I own that I could have done better. But I also own the progress I have made. I have come a long way in the last 60 days and I am proud of it. I know that I can achieve my fitness goal of shedding these now 40 pounds of fat.
Please believe in yourself and do not feel like you need to start over every time you “Mess Up’ There is no need to start over, no need to feel less than your best most powerful self. Just ask for help and move forward!

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