Tony Horton (Mr. P90X himself) does such a great job of explaining what is in Shakeology and why it is so good for you. I know sometimes looking at a 30 day supply for about $130 retail seems like a lot at first but as you think of 30 meals! it really is not that much. Then knowing that they are 30 Dense Nutrition SUPER Meals it’s even better. If you want discounts of course it’s available but that is not the point of this post. The point is, not matter what the price tag is, the main story here is what is in this Amazing Meal.

I Drink it everyday and so do my kids. We love making all the different recipes and even freezing it into ice pops. It makes me feel good when my kids ask for it and get excited to make their shake! The value speaks for itself. at $4 per meal it is the best thing I do for my nutrition everyday.

I would be happy to help you make it part of your daily nutrition and to explain how to get 10% or even 25% off and get it shipped for free. Again, there are ways to save but more important is what it does for you. We live in an stress filled pretty toxic world. It feels good to know that there are things we can do to help ourselves live healthy.

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