This is such an Excellent video from Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler. He states so well why Shakeology is such a different and needed product.  I have been lucky enough to be using it since it’s release a few years ago.  For me, I am one of those people that if someone tells me a product give more energy or reduces cravings I try it and I just do not feel the same.  I have said before when asked about it, if there is a study that says 9 out of 10 people will feel or get whatever, I am that 10th person  LOL

Shakeology is totally different.  I have been enjoying it for years and so have my kids.  I know I am getting at least one meal (sometimes 2 🙂 ) of the best most dense nutrition possible.  I like how I feel when I have it and can notice right away when I do not. I mix things up a bit but the main meal I replace is breakfast. 1 because it is so quick and easy and my mornings need all the help they can get. 2 because it is such a great way to start me off for the day.  I get the energy I need and my body gets what it needs for it’s very first meal.  I also workout in the morning so it is a great post workout drink to replenish after a hard workout.

If you want to try it let me know and I can send you a sample so you can see for your self.  I have a lot of fitness clients and I can tell you that Shakeology makes aBIG difference in weigh loss, Muscle gain and reduction in cravings.  Our bodies are scientific designs that when treated well respond fast. Shakeology is not a miracle but it is AMAZING! (and pretty close to it as far as I am concerned).


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