I finished up week 6 today.  I think the challenge group is really what keeps me going. It is great to have the fun tips like the video above. It is also pretty cool to have so many people doing the program with me and seeing how everyone is achieving their goals and how we all struggle. Together we support each other and it helps us all get better each day. The support in the Challenge groups is unlike anything else and really is the magic behind these programs!  I am proud to be part of the Awesome Focus T25 Challenge Group and achieving my goals while helping other people out at the same time!

I know I need to log in more and post about progress  I tend to slow down on posting or sharing when my nutrition is off.  I will say it here though. In fact I am very reluctant to type what I am about to say next.  I know it will help someone so here goes.

At the end of this program (after Gamma Phase) so in about 7 or 8 weeks, I will post my before and after pics for this program.  I have never posted my pictures before ever.  I do take them but I have NEVEr posted them.  In fact I have only shared my pictures from the 2012 Les Mills Pump challenge with 2 people (my fitness mentors, Mike and Tami that I am so thankful for). I have not looked at them really myself at all and never shared them with family even.  I have a huge issue with how bad I let myself get.  I know it is silly to some but I know it is a very real thing for me and others.  I do not like admitting to myself that I let myself go that bad.  I also think deep down that if I do not post or look at them, I can just ignore the truth and reality that I was that unhealthy and worst of all that unhappy.

So, After 6 years of being a coach, I will finally post my before and after Pictures.  I must admit it will be hard for me and I will only post them here but I will post them.  FOCUS T25 is an awesome program and I want to share the results I am getting. If I can do it anyone can! I am always accepting new participants in our support group. Just send me a note with your goals and I can get you in and help you out.

The key to all fitness success is NUTRITION. When I think about how I reached my 68 pound weight loss since January of 2012, Nutrition was the Key.  I have never really stopped working out. I gained weight and Body fat simply because I do not eat right. I get carried away when I let myself  “cheat a little”  I keep saying, “tomorrow will be different”. Face it, it never is.  I need to commit as much to my meal plan as I do to my exercise.  I need to make time for meal prep. just like I do the workouts.

So, from this point forward, I will log my meals (all of them, not just the good ones) 🙂  and be more accountable to post in the Challenge group and on the message boards.  My goal of course is to get to 10% body fat but more importantly for me it is to help someone else get past their own fitness hurdles.  It is simple yet not easy at all.  I know what it is like to struggle with weight and I have all my post teen life.  It has been a constant battle of up and down until I finally hit a big depression. I turned it around and am proud of what I have accomplished.  I know it is a journey and never done.  I also know that I am getting more fit everyday.

The great news is I have the tools, knowledge and support to reach my goals.  I hope I can help you reach yours. I will check in again at the end of next week to report progress! Week 7 here I come!

Thanks for listening!


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