Hey everyone. Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog.  I hope that I have been and continue to help you on your fitness journey. Writing here is certainly helping me with mine!

I wanted to share 3 great programs that I love and are on sale for the next couple of weeks (until the end of August 2013).

From Super Cardio like FOCUS T25 to Dance and Kickboxing with a whole lot of great music and positive energy in Turbo Fire, all the way to old school weight lifting to build lean muscle in Body Beast, the August sale is AWESOME!  I love each of these programs for different reasons.  I am in the middle of FOCUS T25 right now and can tell you that it is GREAT!  Very efficient and fun.  Just 25 minutes to get a crazy good workout in is just unreal but I promise it is enough!

Take a look at what makes the most sense for you and let me know what questions you have.  I am here to help you select the right program for you.  One of the neat things about me being a coach is that I get to try out all the programs and learn how and why they are all created and how they are al unique.  I am happy to help you select what is right for your interests and fitness goals.  Your workout should match you not just be what everyone else is doing.

The Challenge pack (what;s in the video) is also the way to get MAX results.  It is what helped me finally (after 5+ years of coaching) lose over 65 pounds! The fact that the best nutrition available is included as well as a built in Support Group that I run with you just puts it over the edge. You will succeed.  It is all there for you.

Take a look and let me know what i can help you with. August is almost over, the kids are going back to school, this is the perfect time to get into a new routine and make fitness part of it.  You will need to be your best so why not start now?

Head over to the Challenge Pack Selection Area or send me a message and I will help you get what you need and take advantage of the August Discount (and free shipping) It is a GREAT time to start a new fitness program!  I will be here to help you every step and celebrate your success with you!


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