It is so hard to believe that we are already in Mid June!  This year is certainly flying past.

For me it has been a pretty eventful year starting in October of 2013.  I have had the most changes in my life during this period.  What seemed to be all BAD and Horrible changes are turing out to be the best gifts I could have received in my life.  What seemed to be something that would end so incredibly bad, actually turned out OK. Not great but OK. I still feel like I am climbing out of a dark period but I at least feel like I am climbing instead of sinking further.  It is a struggle but I am starting to feel like positive is overtaking negative!

As far as my health and fitness are concerned, YES, these recent events have really taken it’s toll.  I have not gained back all the weight I lost over the past year or so but I sure came close.  This is a scary time for me and a critical moment in my life.  I need to get myself back to healthy.  Although I have not gained all the weight back, I have in fact replaced a lot of hard earned lean muscle with FAT 🙁

I share this to hopefully show that although I am a fitness coach and have been for years, I still struggle.  Just because I have all the tools and motivation at my finger tips, does not mean I have it all figured out and can live on autopilot.  Fitness for me is a struggle and always will be.  It happens to be a truffle that I feel is very worth it.

I have been searching for “THE PROGRAM” that would change my trend and downward momentum.  Guess what, I can’t find it!  It does not exist!  It is not about the program or meal plan or challenge group. It is about ME and what I want and what I am will ing to put in.  I have been bouncing back and forth between programs hoping that something will speak to me and just lift me up and do the work then dropping me back in perfect health and fitness.  I am realizing that is ridiculous.  Yes, I need to have a program I relate to and give me energy but I have most of the responsibility in this.  I am the one that needs to wake up on time and head to my home gym to get my workout done.  I am the one that needs to choose clean and natural food choices and eat for fuel not for comfort.

As I start counting my blessings instead of counting the things that have hurt me, I get stronger and can see more clearly that I have down it before, I can do it again.  I have helped Hundreds of people get fit and be happier in their life. I know what to do and I am ready to do it. One of the key factors is that I know I must share it with others. I need to let you all know that yes I struggle and I need your help!

I need the accountability. I also know I need to ale it a little slower right now.  I need to work back to the fitness level I was at and have appreciation for the small victories.  I can’t just pick up where I left off last year.  I am not at that level.  I also know I need to take it one month at a time and not look at 90 days in one clip.

I tried P90X 3 because I looked at results and other people doing it and wanted to be like them.  What I realized is I needed to look at programs that people like me completed to choose what is best not try to change the facts of my declining fitness but change the future results. I had to be OK with the fact that the P90X3 program is just not right for me at this point.  It does not get inside me for some reason. I do not know if it is the pace or just that the traditional “trainer” type approach is not something I connect with.  It is a great program that people are getting fantastic results with, but I have a lot of others to choose from so I will choose what meets me at my current needs.

I know that the Les Mills programs have what I need and also have the elements that keep me going.  Excellent meal plans that are very simple to follow, Fun and Energizing workouts with a mix of weights and cardio. I also dig the music!!!  I like the class style and most of a lll the super results I have seen with the PUMP and Combat Programs!

So,  This is going t o be my focus for the next 4 weeks.  (1 week at a time).  I looked back at my earlier post of the secrets to my success and I will be implementing those simple accountability steps. Tracking my calories and measuring my food is something that is not hard and actually makes me feel good because I am learning.  I have a 30 day schedule mapped out using Les mills PUMP.  I also have my nutrition guides ready to go!

I will enjoy the back half of this year and make it about healing. I am feeling more positive than ever now and the days seem just a bit brighter.  I like it!  I have Fitness, Family and Financial goals set and am ready to hit them head on!

Here’s to a successful remainder of 2014!

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