This Video Sums up how I am handling this holiday season and how I will commit to helping as many people as I can this year kick off the Healthiest Holidays Ever!

I pulled this post from one of the team pages at Beachbody.  I thought it was very relevant especially this time of year.  We convince ourselves that the holiday season is a reason to gain weight or fall off track with our fitness goals.  It is also a time where people feel like we can’t start a new program. I know that for me it is the perfect time to start a new program or join an accountability group.  It keeps me focused and I feel so much better at the holiday gatherings knowing I am in control and have some help.

Hope these tips help!

Have you heard the one about the chicken and pig who want to make a bacon-and-egg sandwich for the farmer they liked so much? The chicken says, “I could provide some eggs.” The pig replies, “That’s fine, but while you’re making a contribution, I’m making a real commitment!”

The same adage holds true to anyone trying to get in (and stay in) shape. If you simply get involved in your nutrition and fitness plan, and contribute some time and effort toward living healthy, you will most likely achieve some results. You may feel stronger, more confident, and pleased with your progress. However, these feelings won’t compare to the satisfaction you’ll experience if you are 100% committed to each training session and meal.

Committing wholeheartedly to your health is not easy. There will be times when you’ll experience temporary physical, psychological, or emotional discomfort. You may feel torn between ordering that 350-calorie blended coffee drink or unsweetened peppermint tea. You may be hesitant to attempt more pull-ups today than you did last week for fear of failing. We all struggle to eat healthy when you have a late night craving (trust me, I’ve been there). In these moments of weakness, it’s only natural to want to waver on your commitment to the goals you set. But committing to your plan makes it possible to admire yourself both inside and out. You’ll stand more confidently. You’ll feel sexier. You’ll discover your true sense of well-being, purpose, and personal worth. You’ll feel grounded, energized, and intact. You’ll simply be happier in mind, body, and spirit.

Here are three ways to help you stay committed to achieving your goals that can help you stay strong when you’re struggling:


1. Post your goals on your bathroom mirror.

Posting your short-term daily goals in a place where you automatically see them each day will help you to stay focused, motivated, and committed to staying on task. Your bathroom mirror is the perfect place because you’ll see your goals first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night. For greater results, also post your primary purpose for setting your goals (e.g., wanting to have more energy to play with your kids, to go on an adventure trip, to live longer, to feel more confident, etc.).


2. Prepare daily for “what-ifs.”

Before your day begins, ask yourself if there are any challenges that may interfere with your daily goals. For example, what if you get called in to a last-minute lunch meeting? What if your child asks you to play during the time you blocked off for training? What if you’re going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday? For each what-if make a plan to cope with the challenge while still staying committed to your fitness and nutrition. Of course, there are plenty of uncontrollable distractions, but strategizing on how to cope with your most common challenges will set you up to deal with anything that happens during you day.


3. Journal your daily effort.

There is no doubt that tracking your nutrition and fitness improves your chances of achieving your goals. But I recommend also keeping a diary in which you answer the following question each day: Did I exert every ounce of effort to achieving my goals today? If your answer is yes, great! If your answer is no, write down one thing you can do tomorrow to be better than you were today.

When you follow these three tips, your level of commitment for fitness and nutrition will skyrocket, giving you the best shot at achieving your goals and feeling ultimate satisfaction. Better yet, when these three tips become part of your daily ritual, not only will you achieve your goals, but get results that will last!


What are your tips and tricks to staying committed to reaching your goals?

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