I want to share the power of accountability & support groups with you. With Fitness specifically, Accountability & Support groups are a very big key to success. We must surround ourselves with supportive people or people that are going through the same thing as us and who “get it”. We all slip from time to time.  In Fitness, in our finances, in our relationships, you name it.  I have learned that it is important and most of all it is OK to let people in and let them know what you are going through and how you are moving ahead.

I used to think that asking for help would just bring people down and I would look like I was not in control or something.  I did not want to be the downer or the person who complained about things.  This is pretty weird since I LOVE helping people and listening to struggles and how they are making positive changes and efforts to improve. I like to be a part of people making positive changes and helping where I can.

I am learning that for me it really comes down to my own self confidence.  I have this voiced in my head that kept saying “Nobody would understand” or “Don’t complain, you know what to do, just fix it yourself” or that I did not want people to think poorly of me because I had a setback.

Here’s the deal. I have been an online fitness coach for over 7 years. I am considered pretty successful and have helped hundreds of people with their fitness and to reach their goals. I know a key element has been Support and Accountability along with one on one attention. I know that it is important to be there for people.  Everyone needs a lift every now and again.  With fitness, I see people all the time that are super fit or just seem like they have no challenges.  What I do not see is all the work and choices that went into that healthy lifestyle and level of fitness. When you are part of an accountability group, you get to learn from people at your fitness level, maybe starting for the 1st time or someone that is at a higher fitness level than you. Seeing positive change is very motivating and can validate that you can do it too!Believe

Even with my experience, my access to top nutrition and workout programs, constant reminders from emails and helping clients, I still struggle with my own fitness when I do not tap into others for help. Food is my go to thing.  It can be for a lot of people because as a society, we celebrate with food, we console with food, we heal with food, and it is easily abused. We consider a “treat” a positive reward. Being in an accountability group helps you break the habits that got you in to the condition you no longer want to be in. You find new ways to reward yourself and new goals to set and feel good about achieving.

I know I need to use my friends on My fitness Pal and in the support/accountability groups to help me too. I have recently fallen out of my fitness for a reason. That reason is not the fault of anyone or anything. Yes, life events happened.  Yes, I had major changes and went through some pretty challenging things over the past year.  The fact is, I am not using the tools and resources that I know make the difference. I am not submitting to the fact that I need the support too. I know that does not make me any less of a coach or any less of a person. In fact it makes me better and stronger. We all can use the help of others! Just being able to log into an online group and read what someone else is doing makes a HUGE difference for me.  Being accountable to others is a wonderful thing. Sometimes we need to feel like others are depending on us because we will do it for them until we are ready to do it for ourselves!

Let me assure you, it is not about access to workout programs or the gym. It is not about having meals prepared for you and ready (YES, I am lucky enough to have a meal service that I use too) it is not even about having the latest FitBit or gadget. It is about the relationship you have with fitness and the people that can bond with you over a similar goal and even struggle. It is about the sense that you are not alone and it can be HARD. You can’t hide from it and you can’t just keep starting over tomorrow. You can move forward by letting people help you. Look at celebrities or some of the people in the spotlight.  I know I have heard (and have even said) “If I had what they have I would be fine”  “They can afford the best trainers and a personal chef, why would they have weight or fitness issues?”  We have a serious health issue in the US.  It is not about being a perfect magazine cover or fitness competitor.  it is about living healthy and having the energy to do more.  To set good healthy examples for our children.  It breaks my heart to see the statistics about childhood obesity.

I committed to an accountability group 2 years ago and gave it 100%. I checked in daily and offered as well as asked for support. I never felt better about myself, I gained confidence and yes, I lost weight and gained muscle. I shed over 68 pounds by doing things that at first were uncomfortable but then became comfortable and something to look forward to.  I loved meeting new people and we formed a bond by helping each other.  We showed each other what was possible and shared a life experience.  I did not hide from them and they did not hide from me.  There was no jugment.  There was a mutual respect

I do not know why it is so hard but I do know that when we work together, it is very rewarding and satisfying to achieve your goals. Not for the scale or measurements. Not to compare to others but to be YOUR BEST! To have more energy and to build your confidence. The BIG Key is to know that you are WORTH IT.

This was much longer (and went a little all over the place) than I intended.  Thanks for sticking with me.  If you have felt any of these things or are tring to figure out how you can get a handle on your own fitness, let me know.  I would be thrilled to help and maybe have you as an accountability partner!

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