I am now on Day 49 of INSANITY.  Les Mills PUMP put me in the best shape I have ever been in.  I am not 100% at my goal weight or fitness level but I am in far better conditioning than I have ever been in!  I know I am on my way.

My goal this year was to be in my best shape ever for my Birthday. I am very happy that I achieved that goal.  What seemed impossible when I started my fitness journey in January became a reality as I worked hard and followed the fitness programs and nutrition guides.

I am learning that Fitness is not a complex mystery. It is really pretty simple but happens to take a lot of discipline and dedication. That is the hard part. For me, I had NO excuses.  I am a coach and I know all the tools, all the programs and all the roadblocks.  I just had to pay more attention to me and do what I know I needed to do.

I feel so accomplished to be able to do INSANITY and break down another barrier. I still can’t believe I am keeping up.  Just 8 months ago I weighed over 60 pounds more, could not jump or even last through a warm-up without a quick break. Now I have 2 rounds of Les Mills PUMP Done, I’ve taken part in the success story photo shoot in Vegas for PUMP, got to workout live with the incredible trainers and an taking on the program that I have never succeeded in finishing (or getting past week 1) INSANITY.

I smile when I can bang out all the pushups at the speed of the class. I remember back a few years ago thinking how the heck does Tony Horton and the P90X team do the push-ups so fast.  I never thought that was possible.  Now I am doing it!

I have energy and confidence.  All this because I joined an awesome challenge group, put my excuses aside, put my head down and just followed the guide.  It is actually less effort to just follow the program than to wing it and get 1/2 the results!

Up next for me is either another round of PUMP or Body Beast.  I am a little apprehensive about Body Beast as I am still looking to lose the body fat and I have a naturally thick build.  I may give it a try if for nothing else to test myself.  I also want to be able to experience it for my clients and others that may have questions. Right now I am leaning more toward Body Beast but I love Les Mills so much it may over power the decision  : )

My fitness goals are set all the way until March of 2013 at this point.  I know now this is my way of life and that is a very powerful feeling. Especially for someone that has struggled with fitness most of thier life.

I am thankful for all the options that Beachbody has and VERY thankful for my accomplishments that will let me choose the program I want to do next and succeed!!

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