New Year, New Goals, New Opportunities!

I am going all out this year to help you (and me) have the healthiest year ever!  If you have been struggling with weight loss or how to build lean muscle, have more energy, or just feel your personal best, we have got to work together!

I am on a mission to help you.  Why???  well for one, it helps me too!  The real reason is, I know I can and it is what I love to do!  I have been helping people with their fitness goals for over 8 years now and it is (next to being a dad) the most rewarding thing I do.


I’ve been there…

I have had my own struggles but most important my own success!  I know what it is like to be 20, 30 even 90 pounds overweight.  I also know what it is like to drop that weight and feel my personal best. In 2016, I tried to maintain my result but I had to admit I was failing. I somehow lost control and let outside circumstances get in the way of my overall health and happiness.  It is crazy.  I went through some significant life changes and instead of turning to fitness to help me I turned my back on it.  I made poor food choices and did not put 100% effort into my workouts.  I find myself having gained almost 70 pounds!  AND I AM A FITNESS COACH!  I know, it is nuts!

I am not making myself feel bad about it anymore or hiding from it. I am taking responsibility for it and will use the new year as my springboard to get my fitness back.

I have all the tools, all the training, and all the resources to get myself back on track. That means I can also help you.

I want to take you with me!

I am willing to open up and share my own fitness journey with you.  I want to take you with me as I climb back up to my best fitness level.  When I workout every day and eat right, I have more energy, more confidence and get more done.  I love to teach and help where I can and if I can help you with your fitness that will make it all the better!

How we are going to do it!

1- Commit to ourselves and each other to lock arms and stick with it!

2- Select the exercise and nutrition program that best meets our fitness level and goals

3- Show up every day and tell each other how it is going

4- Use all the tools for success and share it with someone else!

I have already selected my 90-day program.  I can help you pick yours.  If you want 90 days, 60 days, 30 days or 21 days, I can help you out.  The important thing is you have to feel good about your goal and the process.  I do not want you to feel like you have to be locked in for 52 weeks.  We will take it one day at a time, one week at a time and one goal at a time.

This is about building healthy habits that help us reach our goals.

I will be using the simple portion control container system to make sure I am getting the right amount of calories and macros to support my goals and fitness level.  It makes it super easy because all I have to do is fill the containers from the food list and prepare my meal sin advance.  I like just reaching into the fridge to grab a container of a prepacked meal. It takes the work out of it and makes sure I have healthy choices conveniently available for me.

The Tools

1- Beachbody On Demand Workouts and nutrition guides

2- Shakeology nutrition shake

3- My Challenge Tracker app

4- Fixate Cooking show

5- The Group!
There is no better fitness resource than Beachbody on Demand.  There are so many outstanding resources on there for any fitness level.  If you know NOTHING about eating right and exercise, you can still succeed.  I am an expert on the system and have been working with it for years.  I will help you through it as needed.

Shakeology has been the one thing I have NOT slacked off on.  I know how important it is to my overall heath.  It is not a weight loss shake.  It is a dense nutrition supplement that helps your body repair and perform at its best.  I am presented with and even tried a lot of products.  Shakeology is the thing I trust and use for myself and my kids.  I know I am getting at least one meal of optimal nutrition in during the day.  Even when eating clean, the food sources are not what they used to be and supplementation is helpful and necessary in my opinion.

The Group is a vital part of success! When I look back at how I was successful at losing 68 pounds a couple of years back, I see one of the biggest factors for me was to commit to an accountability and support team.  I took risks by sharing my starting stats, even before and after photos!  I posted in that group every day and learned from other people and what they were doing to reach their goals.  I made some new friends and we shared our struggles and successes.  It was a key to feeling better and having smaller victories that carried me to my ultimate fitness level. I also learned I was not alone in my setbacks or struggles and someone was always there when I needed them.

We have a great incentive at the start of the year to get us going too!  Beachbody is putting up, up to $3,000,000 (yup, that is 2 commas in there) for the Health Bet.  I want a share of that!  I have other posts about the challenge group and the Health Bet.  Email me to tell me you want in!  I want to blow the doors off of the 1st few months of this year!

Basically, to qualify for the Beachbody Health Bet, you just need to log your workouts and Shakeology each week (3 workouts and 5 shakes) in the challenge tracker app.  When you do that for the contest period, you WIN!

Not only do you get the share of the prize pool but you get on track to set yourself up for success with your fitness!

Oh, and you also get a free tee shirt when you complete a program!  🙂

Stop waiting for the perfect moment to get healthy!  Stop resisting help,  I want to see your success story and help you achieve a life of more energy, more confidence and prove to you that YOU CAN DO IT!

Are you with me?


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