So, I am 145 days in to the Les Mills Program  (rounding out week 7 of Round 2).  For those wondering how to stay motivated and keep pushing, I can’t say enough that you need to just stick with it and join with an accountability partner or better yet group.  I would have slid back long ago if it were not for the accountability group on Facebook.

You see, there are still days (almost in every week) where I do not feel like I am making progress or I do not want o do the workout or follow the nutrition guide.  I will say the feelings are not as string as they used to be but they are still there.  I found that writing about my journey, sharing with others and tapping into a support team is THE way to go.  I know that if I just push through that feeling I will feel better after and I crave that feeling so much that it carries me through.  Just one more day and one more hurdle.  This is the way to build to your goal.

I look at obstacles as a challenge and now know they are put in front of me to test me.  This is the design so you EARN your results.  If it were easy we would not have the obesity crisis we have right now in the world.  Les Mills PUMP was exactly what I needed to push me closer to my goals.  It’s not Magic, it is just the right workout combined with simple nutrition and a Team approach.  I did not realize that the Team approach was so important.

I have had the gross misunderstanding that needing help was weak. Help and support are not signs of weakness at all.  They are signs of strength. Once you reach out for help, you instantly become part of a team and you readily supply support in return to those that need it.  Sometimes you need the team and sometimes the team needs you.  You can’t decide what will be needed, you just have to aprticipate!

I am really proud of my physical and emotional results.  Playing and swimming with thie kids is a great experience now vs. feeling lazy and not wanting to be outside in the heat.  Now I crave those energetic fun activities.

It feels great to be on the right track!

The Program that Changed it all for me!

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