The secret to getting and staying fit is all about NUTRITION!

Workouts are Great but that only shapes your body.  The secret to fat loss and increased energy is proper nutrition!

I spend most of my time coaching my clients about proper nutrition and finding the plan and guidelines that work best for them.  We are all different and one set of rules will not work the same for everyone.

If you are tired of not getting results while busting your butt in the gym or doing hours of cardio or strength training each day, I can help you!

Would a Clean Eating accountability group help you?

A group where I will help you with meal prep, recipies, portion control and even online tools?


If you are like me and the thought of Healthy Eating bring bland yucky food to mind, don’t worry.  I’ve got you.  I discovered that it is not that I do not like to eat healthy, it is that I never knew how to prepare food, specifically veggies and high nutritional quality foods to taste the way I wanted them to.  Once I made a commitment to learn and to make better choices in the quality of food I was eating, I was able to realize that high quality, nutrient dense food made me feel much better.  I had more energy, felt more satisfied and even dropped pounds without effort.

So How Does This Work?

Simple, you decide how you want to participate.