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My Name is Keith and I have been an online fitness coach for almost 10 years.  I am also a single dad of three awesome kids. I know what a busy life is all about 🙂 .  I am doing my best to be a good example for my kids, provide for them, and make sure I am present for them in every way. One of the things I am making sure I impart on them is that taking care of one’s health is important.

I found that the things I struggle with are the same things you may struggle with too. Over the years I have helped hundreds of people live a healthier more energetic life and by doing it, it also helps me do the same!

If you are struggling with sticking to your workout or healthy eating plan, are tired of being frustrated with the way you look and feel, or your energy level, you have come to the right page! Support and accountability groups helped me and I know it will help you too! We can form the healthy habits that will help you reach your goals and feel a sense of accomplishment with your fitness!

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How It Works


What is a Free Challenge?

A free challenge is where I will lead you in a group with others to achieve results in a very specific area. We will focus for a set period of time (typically 5 or 7 days) to master things like building healthy habits with nutrition or exercise. I will lead you with daily support, learning, assignments and even live video sessions to get your specific questions answered.

What Will I Get Out of a Free Challenge?

Being part of a challenge helps you learn and focus on the things it will take to build healthier habits for yourself. At the end of the challenge, my challengers have reported feeling more confident, more educated on the topic, in control, on their way to permanent change, more energy, and weight loss! More importantly, you get to meet new people and learn how each of us overcome obstacles to achieving success in a health and fitness area.

What's NEXT After the Free Challenge?

The end of the challenge does not mean the end of the relationships you build. Often times challengers will continue to work with me either in the next free challenge or become one of my regular clients for health and fitness. There are many ways for us to stay in contact and keep your healthy habits going. From Facebook groups to long term health and fitness solutions, it is up to you. You will have learned a lot and formed new habits during a challenge that will last!  I hope we continue on together so you can continue your fitness goals and even help some others do the same thing you did!  


Most successful people have success and accountability partners. My Free Challenges for Health and Fitness will give you the support to form new habits to live a healthier more fulfilling life!

I use my 10 years of online fitness coaching experience to help you with simple, in-home solutions, to the most common health and fitness obstacles.


Free Challenge Examples:


5-Days to Stopping Sugar Cravings

In my 5 days to stopping sugar cravings challenge, we explore:

– What you are consuming vs. a healthy amount

– How to find hidden Sugar in your food and why it is important

– Chemical and Emotional reasons for sugar cravings

– Facts about Sugar Substitutes and how to identify natural alternatives

During the five days, you will complete a short simple assignment each day to lead you to your own personal plan of action to kill the cravings and make more educated choices once and for all!

7 Days to making Exercise a Habit (you enjoy!)

In my 7 Days to Making Exercise a Habit You Enjoy challenge, we will participate in daily in-home workouts and follow a customized meal plan that you control. This challenge is for all fitness levels and will have both beginner and advanced exercises that are proven to get results.

During the 7 days, I am with you for each workout and I give you my proven tips to make exercise a part of your daily routine that you will actually look forward to!

We will uncover what gets in the way of daily exercise, what the benefits of just 20 or 30 minutes of activity are and how to find a workout or activity that fit YOU.

Some challenges will be designed where we all do the same workouts each day and some are designed that you choose the program and workout.  ALL have meal plans and nutrition recommendations to help you reach YOUR individual fitness goal!

I have been an online fitness coach for 10 years using popular and effective in-home solutions to help people gain more confidence, get stronger and have more energy through exercise and proper nutrition. I want to show you how you can live better through fitness!