Welcome to your FREE Shakeology Sample request form. Just fill in the information below and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP! You are going to love Shakeology!

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better source of nutrition that is so easy to incorporate into your life than Shakeology. THE SMARTEST CALORIES YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR BODY!

I am so glad that you are taking the opportunity to try out Shakeology on me! Please know that I purchase the Shakeology samples that I am offering to you and would ask that you respect this with only serious inquiries (one sample per customer please).

Note: If you are already working with a coach, out of respect for that relationship, please ask them for a free sample.

In order for me to process your request quickly and get you the free sample you requested I do ask you to do two things:

  1. The first thing I ask is that you create a free account with Team Beachbody to make me your Coach.  I appreciate you taking the time to create that account.  By you creating an account with Team Beachbody I can help you better if you decide to purchase Shakeology or any fitness programs. Now all you will need to do is log in and shop from your new Team Beachbody Account!  Once you have the account created use that username in the form so I can find you.  I will get your Sample out right away!
  2. Complete the Shakeology sample request form.

If you already have an account at Team Beachbody:

  1. And you are already working with a Coach, please reach out to your Coach and request a sample from them.
  2. But are not working with a Coach, Please send an email to [email protected].  Copy me on the email so I can help ([email protected]). In the email simply state that you would like me (Keith Colombo) to be your Team Beachbody Coach. My Coach ID # is 3263.  Coach relations will make the switch for you and I can send your sample as soon as it is complete.

To get your free sample today please use the form below to send me a personal request. I’d like to get to know you and your needs so that I can send along some additional information as well.

Request a Shakeology Sample

Please fill out this form and I will get your Shakeology Sample out to you right away.
  • If you are not a client of mine yet please register and get a user name. I must have that user name to be able to send your sample.


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